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Ladies' Ballet Slippers and Pointe Shoes
Available at the Avalon Dance Shop!

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Ladies' Ballet Slippers & Pointe Shoes
Brand Style & Price Brand Style & Price
Teknik Ballet Slippers

Teknik Ballet


  • Adult Sizes  
    CDN $27.00
  • Children's Sizes
    CDN $25.99
  • Colors:
    Black, Pink
    & White

Constructed of soft leather.
The pleats are hammered
flat to allow the dancer to
feel the floor. Includes a
3/8" elastic strap for
individual attachment.


Ulanova from Grishko



  • CDN $118.50

The vamp on this model
is medium height and fits
many different types of
feet. This is a good shoe
for dancers with short toes,
toes of even length and
wider feet with normal heels.


Vaganova from Grishko



  • CDN $108.78

Features a deep vamp
design with a tapered
box. Ideal shoe for a
dancer with highly
flexible arch, providing
the greatest amount of
support possible to the
metatarsal. A good choice
for long toes, especially if
the dancer's big toe or
second toe is long. Also
good on narrow feet or
narrow heels.


Fouette from Grishko


  • CDN $108.78

This shoe has a broad box
and a narrow platform.
Preferred by dancers who
wish to feel closer to the
floor. This is an excellent
shoe for wider, square
shaped feet. Also a good
choice for short toes, toes
of even length or wide feet
with normal heels.

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